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Caffe Latte Candle

Sale price₹ 2,000.00

A candle that smells better than the first sip of coffee tastes. Inspired by a cup of Caffe
Latte served at a farmer's home in the South of France, who grinds his coffee beans fresh
every day, makes espresso on a century-old five-plate stove and then oh-so-carefully
mixes in sweet steamy milk into every cup before serving it to you with
fresh-out-of-the-oven bread. A scent that evokes memories of the best day of our lives.


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Caffe Latte Candle
Caffe Latte Candle Sale price₹ 2,000.00


  • Safety First: Place your candle on a sturdy, even surface, away from flammable objects, children, pets and direct drafts. For abundant precaution, always burn candles in your line of sight.
  • The First Burn: For the longevity of the candle, the wax needs to melt and pool around the edges about ½” deep. Not burning the candles until the wax pools to the edges will cause the candle to tunnel. So when you first light your candle, plan to enjoy it for at least 2-3 hours!
  • Care for the Wick: Trim the wick by ¼” inch every time you light it, in order to minimise tunnelling and soot. Straighten and re-centre the wick when you put out the candle to ensure that it burns evenly each time.
  • Snuff it Out: Blowing out candles (we love it too!) makes the wick smoke. To retain the fragrance of your candle and the clarity of its glass, avoid black smoke and build-up of soot. Use a candle snuffer, wick dipper or replace the lid of the candle to extinguish it.

Always Remember:

Like us, our candles need downtime too! Before you relight a candle, make sure the fragrant wax has solidified since last use. Do not burn a candle for more then four hours at a stretch. To prevent overheating, do not burn your candle right down to the bottom.

  • NET WT.: 235g
  • PRICE: Rs.2240 (Inclusive of packaging, delivery& taxes)