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About Us

1 Magnolia lane is an accidental child, born out of a passion for flowers. We had grown up with flowers in our home and garden, where we witnessed first-hand how flowers enter a room and change its energy. As adults, this habit continued. We began planting flowers from all over the world and came to know flower farmers in and around Delhi NCR. When the pandemic hit, some farmers reached out for help. Their sales had ceased, their produce was rotting and their families were in trouble. We bought all their flowers and not knowing what to do with so many flowers, we arranged them in artistic bouquets and sent them to friends and family who lived near by.

We did not expect the barrage of excitement the flowers unleashed. The brightly coloured blooms became a ray of cheer for everyone who received them. People started calling us for our bouquets, appreciating the artistic arrangements, the kinds that are not available at a regular florist. Before we knew it, we were running a business selling happiness, shaped in beautiful floral bouquets. When the time came to name this accidental business, we called it 1 Magnolia Lane- an ode to the famous driveway at Augusta National Golf Club, thus tipping our hat to our other great love- golf! We began 1 Magnolia Lane with the intent of spreading happiness. This first intent remains our guiding principle even today. Our motto is: Make Flowers a Habit. Because we believe that should anyone enter the world of flowers as we have, you too would be uplifted! It is a matter of pride for us that our customers are loyal and keep coming back for more. Our passion for flowers shows in our arrangements and sets us apart. Mother Nature inspires us with her colours, textures and fragrances and we turn that inspiration into arrangements. Colours are a big deal at our atelier, where we create every bouquet so that it thrills the senses.