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Sale price₹ 5,000.00

The yellow Banksia flower is an Australian Icon. It produces great amounts of nectar and symbolises regeneration, rebirth and discovery.

 Hidden Message: Renew.

Flowers Used: Yellow Banksia, Silver Brunia, Fragrant Eucalyptus, Yellow Chrysanthemum flowers, set with stunning fillers, in a 1ML vase.


Size :           Height:           Width

Classic :      18"-22"           16"-18"

Iconic Sale price₹ 5,000.00



  • Keep fresh flowers away from drafts and extreme temperatures. These can quickly dry out the flowers and cause wilting.
  • Avoid placing the flowers in windowsills and areas with too much sun exposure.
  • As a thumb rule, most flowers will last longer in cool spaces or at room temperature.



  • Immediately upon receiving your flowers, place them in water mixed with the flower food that we send. As a thumb rule, 1 sachet of flower food mixes with half a litre of water. The flower food gives instant nourishment to the blooms and its bactericide keeps the water clean for an extra day or two. Flowers love water! Submerge all the stems in water, but only the stems. Remove any leaves under water, for this attracts bacteria.
  • If your flowers came in a container with floral foam or an Oasis, then please add fresh water daily from the first day itself, to keep the flowers looking resplendent for the longest possible. Without this, the flowers will wilt. In case of any questions, please contact us.
  • If flowers are coming in water pouches, then please remove these and immediately place the blooms in water with all the stems immersed. The water pouches are for transportation only.
  • When the water gets cloudy, it’s time to change! To know how, please read on.



  • Remove any dead or dying flowers and leaves from the arrangement and clean the vase thoroughly.
  • Fill the vase with clean water mixed with flower food. Alternatively, you can use either 1/4th cup drinking soda water, or, 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar and sugar, in lieu of flower food.
  • Trim the stems with a sharp knife (please never with scissors, as those crush the stems and cause early wilting.) Cut the stems at an angle, lobbing off about 1-2 inches from the bottom.
  • When you place the flowers back in the clean vase, submerge all the stems in water but don't leave behind any leaves underwater.
  • Finally, the most tip- Talk to your flowers everyday and tell them how happy they make you feel!

Sync With Nature

We bring you the freshest available yield from Mother Nature. Each arrangement is a work of art, but some days, a greater force takes over our best laid plans. While we take great care to replicate the arrangements for every order, exactly as shown in the photos, if someday you find that any flower or foliage is different from the picture, then that is Mother Nature’s special gift just for you!


Vases may vary from the one used in the photo depending on availability. If for any reason, the vase in the photo is not available, then we shall use another vase of the same or greater value for your order. Call us for a picture of vase at the time of ordering or leave it to us and prepare to be surprised!

The 1 ML Guarantee

We offer a 48-hour guarantee for our flowers. If your 1ML blooms wilt despite the advised care within 48 hours of delivery, then immediately send us a photo and we shall replace it.

Water Pouches

These are only to be used for transport. Please remove at the time of putting in water.

Floral Foam

If your flowers came in a container with floral foam or an Oasis, then please add fresh water daily, including on the first day itself, else the flowers will wilt and 1ML will not be responsible. For clarifications, please contact us.